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About Us

Our Mission

Brought to you by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS), the electronic library’s mission is to serve Saudi Board residents and medical professionals, in all specialties in Saudi Arabia by providing evidence-based, internationally recognized and accredited medical databases and journals.


Our vision

The SCFHS eLibrary’s board and staff envision a future where Residents and medical professionals can:

·         Visit the eLibrary regularly from where they work, study, and even from the comfort of their home

·         Take advantage and better utilize the eLibrary to develop the knowledge needed for medical practice, making reading a part of their daily life

·         Trust the eLibrary whenever the need arises for reliable medical information


Our values

The following values guide our decisions and actions:

·         Accessibility: we believe in making eLibrary services available to all

·         Accountability: by ensuring the eLibrary services are efficient and responsible

·         Balance: we make decisions that balance the needs of medical professionals

·         Diversity: we gain strength from the different journals and database we offer

·         Excellence: we do whatever it takes to deliver excellent service

·         Innovation: we are constantly searching and attracting new opportunities

·         Integrity: we support intellectual freedom and universal access to information